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So….there’s the Red Lip, the Smokey Eye and lots of combos in between…but when it comes to looking timeless, balance is the way to go!  I have to say out of all of the Red Carpet moments last night, Meryl was one of my absolute favorites!  Everything worked together….the dress, the hair and the makeup….she looked, well, balanced…and timeless. (and I have to say, in channeling my inner Julia for the big award night, my Braised Short Ribs kicked some Oscar boo-tay!:)

So…if you’ve had a (hmmmm) few birthdays, your new beauty mantra is Balance, Balance, Balance….So what do I mean by that exactly, you ask?

Well, here are your tips for timelessness…

  • Less is more…everything you thought you knew about makeup 20 yrs ago probably doesn’t work for you anymore….sorry!:(
  • Tinted Moisturizer is your friend….toss anything too heavy or too matte….let your skin show!
  • Concealer….your new BFF!  Get in the bridge of the nose and clean up that outer corner…not sure what I mean?  Answers here!
  • Eyes should be soft, yet defined along the lashline (top lid only, please!…no liner underneath necessary or recommended…)
  • Choose soft neutral shades of matte eyeshadow for the lid and reserve the “pop of color” for the lashline…
  • Define those brows, ladies!
  • Use a cream blush for the apples of the cheeks…it looks more natural and is way more forgiving than the powdery stuff!
  • And…have a little fun with lip color!  Think  Berry, Rose, Blush, and Mauve….just skip anything too matte (like last years cardboard), too glossy (like you just snarfed down a bucket of fried chicken), too dark (you know…those vampire colors) or too brown (blah) !

And…AHHH… Helen Mirren…the perfect example of timelessness…gorgeous!  Proof positive you can enjoy your birthdays gracefully and still look like a million bucks!

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No stranger to the Red Carpet and always a winner….it’s the sexy, sultry and oh so dramatic Smokey Eye and Pale Lips!  And the good news??  It’s a look that can work on everyone with a little makeup know how…dying for the tips and tricks?  


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Oh, Red Lip….How we’ve learned to love you all over again!  Gone are the days of Beige, Brown and Blah….back are the lady-like lips of yesteryear and I think they’re here to stay for awhile.  And this year, they’re brighter and bolder than ever before!  The ladies of the Red Carpet proved that anyone can do it….want to know how??  Good News!  The rules haven’t changed…everything you need to know is right here…just click away!

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Got the Blues??

1401803234_12790332888Got the BLUES!?  And have no idea what to do with them? Well, as you may have heard, COLOR is back for the eyes and here are two of the lovely ladies rockin’ the BLUES for the Red Carpet (The Emmy’s , of course!)

1885771179_12422148111So, here’s the dealie-o for those of you that still think BLUE is for your grandmother.  First of all..if you’re still toting that space-ship landing, shimmery, baby blue from your grandmother’s drawer around in your makeup bag…toss it NOW or expect some sort of beauty intervention later…I’ll find you eventually…

Until then..try Teal, Navy or Indigo. They’re sexy, sultry and so NOW. For all of you brown-eyed girls…blues are for you!  Hazel?  Go for a blue that has a purple or plum undertone to bring out the green in your eyes.  

And what about you blue and green-eyed beauties??  Well, if you’ve been reading up on the do’s and dont’s, you’ll know blues are too close to your eye color….BUT…have no fear!!  Choose a true purple (YES!  I said PURPLE…just like that ridiculous dinosaur!…the 80’s ARE back after all!) or a burgundy. NEUTRAL no MORE! 






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Well…there’s just no two ways about it.  Great makeup requires good skin!  Period. Even as a pro makeup artist, there’s only so much covering up you can do.  If your skin looks great, the less makeup you have to wear and the fresher you look…no mystery, really…. 


So, I’ve teamed up with Deb of Integrated Aesthetics, owner and therapeutic skin care guru!  She offers treatments for sensitive, sun damaged, dehydrated, acneic and maturing skin… as well as complete maintenance for healthy skin.  Basically, you got a problem….she can fix it! PLUS…She can rock out your brows!  She’s passionate about researching ingredients  and only recommends products and services that REALLY perform!

So once Deb has your skin whipped into shape and you’re beaming and radiating like last night’s stars, you can get d.d.Nickel Makeup and Services…right in Deb’s studio!  How about that??  TOTAL BEAUTY…one roof!

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Karma Salon

Peanut Butter and Jelly…Peas and Carrots…Hair and Makeup!

Some things just go together….like d.d.Nickel Makeup and Karma Salon!  I met Cheryl McMann, owner and uber-talented stylist, at WTNH on the set of Connecticut Style.  We are the behind the scenes (and the not so behind the scenes) beauty squad for hosts Sonia Baghdady  and Desiree Fontaine.  We have a raucous good time, spend ALOT of time laughing and do our best to leave the news station a more glamourous place!

In addition to having the most trendsetting salon and stylists in the Northeast, Cheryl has been responsible for some of the cutting edge looks you’ve seen on the NYC runways and even some of your favorite celebs!

So….just like Peas and Carrots…you can’t have new makeup without new hair and you can’t have new hair without new makeup

SO…need to update your look??  Easy!  Hair~Karma…Makeup~d.d

PLUS, you can now buy d.d.Nickel Makeup right in Karma Salon! And don’t forget to watch Cheryl and I dish out the latest beauty tips and tricks on Connecticut Style! 


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