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d.d.Nickel now has a NEW fancier blog! It’s still a work in progress but looking pretty swanky!  To find out what’s new….

You can now visit me at http://ddnickel.com/wordpress/

And change your feeds to http://ddnickel.com/wordpress/?feed=rss2

See you there!


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Want to look ten years younger?  With makeup in all the right places, you can make it happen!

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Red Carpet Beauty…who was your favorite?? 

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Connecticut Style viewers wrote in and here are a few of their beauty questions answered!  It’s all about the eyes!

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Makeup mishaps and our beauty biggest mistakes all start with a purchase from the makeup counter….find out what YOU’VE been doing right (and wrong!)

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Photo: Studio 1923

Speak up…bend my ear….drop me a line….let me know what you want to know…(about makeup, of course!)  A series of video makeup tutorials are in the works…so ask your questions now!  Makeup myths, mistakes and every “DON”T” out there debunked, demystified and corrected.  Your makeup mysteries answered!  

I want to hear from YOU!    dd

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YES!…it’s TRUE…and for those of us that lived through them the first time…Mall Bangs, Parachute Pants, Mullets and ALL…don’t be scared! I know you are….but I promise to dedicate as many posts possible to make sure we’re all re-living them the right way this time…

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