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Last weekend, I participated in a Bridal Fashion Show presented by YOLO …doing makeup, of course! And as always, it takes a village to make the world a prettier place…one model at a time.  I created the look with shades of orchid…it is spring after all.  And a girl can’t go it alone all the time….BIG HUGE thanks to my team for the day…Makeup Artists Alison Russell and Leanne Harpin!  You rocked it ladies!

Working beauty with me was the creative, talented and fun to be around team at Laura Ouellette Salon…doing what they do best…HAIR! The hairstyles were STUNNING and the flowers in the hair played perfectly off the spring colors of the makeup. Fun day of beauty, you guys:)

Images compliments of Anna Sawin Photography

And the styling!! Always sophisticated…always in the know… 

  • Gowns and accessories by the uber fashionable Beth and Kelley of  The White Dress by the Shore .   They can style a bride from head to toe like no one else!
  • Fine European Lingerie compliments of Josie from Beneath the Gown.  No bride should be without one of her sexy numbers! GORGEOUS!


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 I had the pleasure of collaborating with a very talented group of people this weekend…all in the name of making pretty pictures!:) And that, I think, we achieved! Here’s a sneak peek from the shoot! (you gotta love a smokey eye!)

  • Photographer: Peter Italiano
  • Models:  Olga Vaykova and Autumn Fallen
  • Hair:  Bill Schrlau 
  • Makeup: Uh..that would be me!)

And PS…You can find Bill making the world a prettier place, one head of hair at a time, right down the street from my studio at Laura Ouellette Salon!

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Oh….makeup is fun!  And is meant to be just that! This time….hairstylist, Kelly Treanor, as a Doll…

And YES…in the name of FUN, I broke a few of my cardinal rules…but don’t let me catch you trying to “doll” up.  If I see you on the streets of “anywhere” with purple up to your brows and lashes meant for your local drag show…a beauty intervention just might be in order! (or at least a lesson or two:)

Hair: Lisa Richardson of Laura Ouellette Salon

Photo by: David Apuzzo

And this photo by: Ar’Shaun Johnson

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 This week, friend and hair stylist, Lisa Richardson of Laura Ouellette Salon, asked me to help out with a shoot she’d put together to show off her work.  So…while we had all of the beauty gear unpacked, photographer David Apuzzo, suggested we have a little fun and shoot Lisa too!  So here are the results….a little Helena Bonham Carter-Tim Burton’esque hair and makeup fun…Lisa as a Doll…

Lisa’s Hair:  Gina Ferrucci of Laura Ouellette Salon

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