Very few times in my career have I been offered such an opportunity…to do what I love…paint faces… in another country!  And this time it was Costa Rica!  And WOWZA was it a great time…

Candice Dowling Coppola of Jubilee Events and Carla Ten Eyck and her team of superb photographers organized an editorial bridal shoot to help promote destination weddings in Costa Rica and let me  tell you, if you’re planning a destination wedding, booking your honeymoon or just need a vacation…THIS is where you need to be!!  Magan Hunt of MMH Intl. and Larry of  stayincostarica.com treated us like royalty and I’ve never been anywhere more beautiful!

And the shoot….well…pics for now are top secret, but here’s the inspiration board put together by Candice!  We shot on black sand beaches, rainforests, chapels and mountainside retreats…oh my!  And my head is still spinning from the talent everyone brought to the shoot…Styling by Beth Chapman of  The White Dress by the Shore, Floral Design and Sculpture by Tony Palmieri of Datura, A Modern Garden and moving pictures by Mike and Erica Cyr of Buzz Media Company.

That’s where we stayed and that’s me with my feet in the pool:) Who wouldn’t want their own private swim up tiki bar, private pool/ jacuzzi and private chef?…We miss you Jose!:)  Book your trip NOW! www.stayincostarica.com


Here are a few more pics from the Spring inspired shoot with photographer Steve DePino

Model:  Melanie French

 Photographer Steve Depino and myself got together for a test shoot (just because!) in my studio last week….and here are some of the results!  It was a great day and as you can see some of the inspiration for the shoot was the fact that Spring has FINALLY sprung! 

Model:  Kimber Smith

Some time ago, I was invited to do makeup for a photographer’s shoot out at the industrial studio space of Anthony DeCarlo and Steve Blazo….there were loads of photogs, models, hair and makeup folks…all getting together to have a little fun.

So here’s a video sneak peek of the night…compliments of David Ruzicka of Fairytale Studio.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Photo: Ar'Shaun Johnson

And to see a few more still shots from the night, click here!

Here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peek of a shoot for Loriann Marchese, fitness and bikini model.  The still shots aren’t published yet so more to come…you’ll see them in fitness magazines soon!  In the meantime, I think I’m inspired to start working out again!:)

So….as you can see it always takes a village!  And here are the villagers…

Model: Loriann Marchese (MissLori-Ann.com)
Film/Editing/Coloring: David Ruzicka (FairytaleStudio.com)
Photography: David Apuzzo (DavidApuzzo.com)
Hair: Becky Houle (theviciouskitty.com)
Makeup: Me! (ddnickel.com)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Want to look ten years younger?  With makeup in all the right places, you can make it happen!

 I had the pleasure of collaborating with a very talented group of people this weekend…all in the name of making pretty pictures!:) And that, I think, we achieved! Here’s a sneak peek from the shoot! (you gotta love a smokey eye!)

  • Photographer: Peter Italiano
  • Models:  Olga Vaykova and Autumn Fallen
  • Hair:  Bill Schrlau 
  • Makeup: Uh..that would be me!)

And PS…You can find Bill making the world a prettier place, one head of hair at a time, right down the street from my studio at Laura Ouellette Salon!